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Note: This form is to be used only by students who have received funding the previous year from SEF

Academic Year: 20

 - 20

1. Print Name (required):
Social Security#:
Age (required):
2. Are You A
 US Citizen Permanent Resident Foreign Student
Permanent Resident US Alien Card #: A
3. Foreign Students only:
Country of Residence

Legal Residency Or Visa Status In The USA / Canada
4. Home Telephone:
Office Telephone:
Mobile Number (required):
5 a) Current Address:

5 b) Permanent Home Address (required):

Country (required):
City (required):
5 c) Email addresses (required):
6. Name and address of school :

7. What was your GPA last year? :

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8. Courses of study / major you plan to pursue this coming academic year:

9. SEF funding to you last year:
Grant $
Aid/Loan $
10. Total of all other grants / aids / scholarships, etc. to you last year $
11. Amount requested from SEF for the coming year $
12. Amount you have /expect to receive from other sources for the coming year $
Under penalties of perjury, I acknowledge that the above is true to the best of my knowledge.
In the event, my application is successful:
  1. I will be notified by SEF / ASP via email and upon my acceptance, the agreed to amount will be sent directly to the school or university for credit to my account.
  2. And I am awarded an aid or a loan, I will be contractually obligated to repay the borrowed amount after graduation and obtaining gainful employment over a period of four years or sooner, unless otherwise agreed to between SEF / ASP and myself in writing. The amount to be paid in equal installments.
  3. I understand that if the amount is not paid back as agreed, SEF /ASP will use the full force of law to recover its funds plus any interest and monies spent to recover the funds. In such an event I agree to hold SEF / ASP harmless for any and all acts on their part.
  4. This application and my prior applications will become part of the contractual agreement between SEF / ASP and me.
  5. Signature (required):

    (png,jpg,jpeg file size should less than 2mb)

    1. Applications must be received no later than June 28, and sent to: SEF / ASP, 2917 Oak Brook Hills Rd., Oak Brook, IL 60523. Applications can also be sent electronically at, however original signature on page 2 will be required before any disbursement of funds
    2. Submission of this application does not guarantee any funds.
    3. Incomplete application will not be processed. It is the responsibility of the applicant to send in the transcripts and requested information in a timely manner.

    *Please provide two telephone #’s, one permanent home # and second where you can be readily reached between July through September.


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